Google Sandbox

SEO Agent - What is the Google sanbox Effect?Within Google there is allegedly a filter known as the 'Sandbox Effect' which is applied by Google to weed out new websites which could be potentially SPAM sites jumping straight to number one positions for keywords.

Google also allegedly gives the common website on average up to three months before it includes it within its main index providing nothing else is out of place. Before it is given a page rank it is held in the sandbox.

Google’s reasons for the sandbox is to monitor whether the site is actually a legitimate resource and not a site generated purely for spamming.

A good way to possibly avoid the sand box is to buy a pre-owned domain with a good history. It will cost you more money in the short term but if you have invested time and money into an idea it would be well worthwhile.

It is also suggested that Google monitors domain names that frequently change ownership and also will put them into this holding area until they prove they are not threatening and can provide useful content.

The Sandbox Effect is often an issue for great debate among us webmasters, some of us don't even believe it exists. Although common sense suggests that the world's larges search engine must use algorithms to screen sites straight after application.