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SEO Agent - Search engine optimisation for celebrities.Currently with the economic instability, businesses which include celebrities are looking at newer and smarter ways to market themselves, to take a greater market share. Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing is being realised to fulfil this on the internet.

Like radio, TV and magazines, the internet is a vital part of celebrity reputation management. Damage limitation from bad press is a very good reason for SEO, as we all know that not all information posted on the internet is flattering and if your name appears at the top of a search engine results page attached to bad press this could be critical to your career. Having the ability to optimise more favourable articles and pages about a celebrity can promote a more positive image.

If you have the ability to use SEO techniques to get a key term or your name which could also be attached to a brand up the top this can be worth a lot of money. There are many products with celebrities names attached. Bands especially must look after their online presence, bands have previously come to fame from a website alone such as myspace. Celebrities will also be exceedingly busy working on their own careers. Their own personal assistants cannot be expected to be experts in these fields. A celebrity generally will not have time to manage their online presence or perception. Social media sites such as Myspace and Facebook can also have profiles managed professionally on behalf of an individual, containing carefully copy written content ensuring a positive message and building more followers and fans.

Current services offered from SEO Agent:

- Complete discretion and confidentiality is always assured.

- Guaranteed improvement in search engine rankings and guaranteed improvement in visitors to your websites.

- Organic search engine optimisation techniques employed on all current websites.

- Statistical analysis on popularity of pages and key terms searched in relation to your websites.

- Wikipedia content management to aid in positive profile management. Sometimes information may be posted incorrectly here which could be damaging.
It is worth while detailing your positive elements from your career.

- Personal Assistants for social media sites offered as a service including Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Digg, Friendstar, Reddit and Youtube.

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