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SEO Agent - Search engine optimisation for politicians.Politicians in the UK are using keywords to draw internet users to their websites.

SEO was used heavily in the American elections. Barrack Obama even used it to say ‘thank you’ to voters when the word Myspace was entered in Google.

It has been heavily suggested that the Conservative Party bid for keywords on Google Adwords during the budget of 2009 to offer up their rebuttal to keyword searchers on the days surrounding the budget. You can see from this example alone just how powerful search engine marketing and SEO can be in expressing a message. It can be recognised that on a date of a key political event many people will visit a search engine such as Google to learn more.

Like celebrities to a heavy extent a politician needs to manage their reputation online to positive effect.

Current services offered from SEO Agent:

- Complete discretion and confidentiality is always assured.

- Guaranteed improvement in search engine rankings and guaranteed improvement in visitors to your websites.

- Organic search engine optimisation techniques employed on all current websites.

- Statistical analysis on popularity of pages and key terms searched in relation to your websites.

- Wikipedia content management to aid in positive profile management. Sometimes information may be posted incorrectly here which could be damaging.
It is worth while detailing your positive elements from your career.

- Personal Assistants for social media sites offered as a service including Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Digg, Friendstar, Reddit and Youtube.

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