The Age Of A Domain Name & Website



The age of a domain name is in a mild way relevant to Google, as it would be conceived by Google’s algorithms that if it has been around for a while that it would have a higher relevancy and be more trustworthy.


When registering a domain name it is recommended that you register it for as long a period as you can rather than just each year, so if five years is offered rather than one year take that option. This train of thought is backed up by the theory that spam sites only have a short life span and someone using a site to fulfil these techniques will register it for the shortest time possible.


A good course of practice, is that if you are conceiving an idea for a website it is important to get that domain name registered as quickly as possible.


It is a worth while exercise to check out the age of your website domain and compare it against your competitors. There are actually tools available online for doing this and comparing your domain’s age against your competitors.


Here is the link for one such tool for comparing domain ages:


Website age

Obviously a person can register a domain without an active website attached.

The age of a website is gauged by how long the pages of the website have been existing on the World Wide Web.


Document age

A document that is updated on a regular basis is regarded as providing the user with current content by Google and thus is favourable to better ranking.